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Album: NEO (15 Records) Self Produced

Release Date: December 12th 2020

1st Single “Intro To NEO” 2nd Single “Irish Spring” 3rd Single “My Norwegian Summer” 4th Single “The Cutting Edge” 5th Single “California Girl” ALL 5 SINGLES CAN BE PURCHASED FOR .99 CENTS EACH HERE:



“THE FLOOD” is a mix-tape full of verses written from scratch in-front of facebook & twitter by Duronn “Justis” James. He’s also a Super Producer but he decided to use other producers instrumentals. And because he’s a natural actor and artist, he uses theatrics in his music when he records. The mix is full of Hip Hop, Pop, Rock, Hip Pop, & R&B verses, because he writes & produces all genres of music. He even designed the CD cover. It’s a photograph take on 7th and Arch street in Philadelphia, Pa.

Year: 2020

To get “The Flood” mix-tape you must purchase a single 5 times and email your proof of purchase to Do so by going here: NEO